Our emerging leader program is designed as a fast paced, highly experiential workshop introducing new and aspiring leaders to The Leadership Challenge®.

The workshop introduces new and high-potential leaders to leadership behaviors that are necessary for building credibility, engaging team members, and creating an attitude and process for an innovative mindset. An LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®  self-assessment challenges emerging leaders to focus on identifying their own values and take ownership of their leadership journey. 

How does this program meet your organization's needs?

  • Introduces leadership to new or newly promoted employees
  • Onboards new employees to reinforce a common leadership language and framework
  • Integrates organizationally with the more intensive two-day The Leadership Challenge® workshop

As a result of attending this program, your emerging leaders will:

  • Understand how The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® impact effective leadership
  • Learn a common leadership language 
  • Apply leadership behaviors to real workplace challenges
  • Leave inspired and committed to their own leadership development and journey
  • Benchmark their current leadership behaviors with an LPI® self-assessment (with an option for a 360)

Our emerging leaders program at a glance:

  • Designed for 25-30 leaders
  • One-day experiential, modular program
  • LPI® self-assessment—easily implemented, no pre-work
  • Proven behavioral leadership outcomes

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